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Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation

                  A Comprehensive D-STAR Operating Reference

New Third Edition Released October, 2012

Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation


A Complete D-STAR Operating Guide 

Ideal reference for those getting into D-STAR
Straight forward and simple explanations
Written for both beginning & experienced D-STAR users
Routing calls using the D-STAR network
Local and remote repeater operation
Linking to D-STAR Reflectors
Using call sign memories to make calls
Programming radios for D-STAR operation
Making use of short text messaging
Text and data file transmissions
Using a computer and a DV dongle
Use a DVAP dongle when no repeater is available
Finding and accessing D-Star repeaters
Informative computer screen photos
Packed with useful information
Clear and easy to read 
Paperback cover, printed on 24 lb paper 
Size: 135,  5.5 x 8.5 inch pages


After reviewing this guide, one D-STAR system administrator stated: "Anyone purchasing a D-STAR radio should have a copy of this book."

 Another D-STAR system system administrator is using the book as the basis for a series of D-STAR classes being offered to their users.


Using easy to understand explanations and illustrations, this book describes how the D-STAR system operates and provides guidance for setting up transceivers to be able to access D-STAR's many features and modes of operation.  Special coverage is given to the extended capabilities available via Dplus equipped gateways.

Provides D-STAR  users with the background information and radio programming procedures needed to route calls via remote repeaters and reflectors.   The book also includes detailed how-to information for digital text messaging, file transfers and DV Dongle operation.

Detailed information for installing, configuring and operating the freeware d*Chat and DRATS digital messaging and file transfer programs.  Especially useful when Internet access is not available or for supporting emergency communications.

A separate chapter is devoted to setting up and using the DV Dongle to make calls through D-STAR repeaters and reflectors using a computer.  Ideal for those without a local D-STAR repeater or for when you are traveling.

A chapter is also devoted to the newly released DVAP (DV mode Access Point) dongle used for setting up a local RF hotspot so that mobile and HT D-STAR transceivers can link to stations on the D-STAR network when a repeater is not within range.

This is the first comprehensive reference to the world of D-STAR operation ever published.  An ideal resource for discovering the full range of operating modes and opportunities available to D-STAR users.   Experience the excitement of D-STAR!                          

New to the Third Edition:

Expanded content from 134 to 149 pages
Updated illustrations and text to be current with updates to referenced web pages
Added coverage of newly added Dplus linking features and D and E reflector modules
Updated D*RATS digital communication software section to latest changes
Added a new section covering Icom's DR mode operation on several recent radios
Described the revolutionary new features of the ID-31A and ID-51A transceivers
Expanded coverage of's many features and repeater downloads
Added many Notes and Tips to emphasize important points
Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation
ISBN 978-1442141980

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